Jermaine Antonio White is a Panamanian-American entrepreneur, pastor and business owner known for founding for-profit, charitable and social enterprises as well as acquiring franchises. He is also a trained hobbyist in the multimedia creative fields of photography, videography, graphic and web design.


Early life and education

White was born in Panama, Panama and migrated to the United States to be reunited with his parents  when he was 8-years-old. His father was an auto mechanic and he credits his creative abilities to his mother who designed clothing when he was a child. He grew up in the inner city of Cleveland, Ohio where he cultivated his hobby as a DJ. He discovered his natural gift for organizational development in a bookkeeping class in high school and began to pursue a career in business upon graduation.


He struggled to earn a college degree while balancing family life, work, and ministry responsibilities. However, upon moving to Florida he enrolled in Florida State College at Jacksonville where he earned an Associate of Arts in Business in 18 months. He proceeded to complete a Bachelor of Arts from Florida International University and plans to graduate from Liberty University with a Master of Arts in Theological Studies.

Entrepreneurial Career


Urban League of Greater Cleveland and REalSOURCE Management Consultant

White's first break as a business professional occurred in 1996 with the Urban League of Greater  Cleveland. He was invited to serve on the Business Partnership

Program team designed to match minority professionals with management-level careers in the area's top 5 banking institutions. The success of the program led him to develop a business plan for a new executive search and placement division he named 'REalSOURCE Management Consultants' and presented it to the board of directors. The business plan was ratified by the CEO and board and he was promoted to the role of vice president of the Urban League's first for-profit subsidiary that operated independently and generated revenue for the organization.

Administrative Consulting Group, LLC

White was prompted by the success of REalSOURCE to launch his first enterprise in 2001 which he named Administrative Consulting Group. This firm provided executive search services to FORTUNE 500 companies in the Northeast Ohio region. The firm was his first independent venture and also provided business start-up consulting services to local entrepreneurs. ACG would eventually close its operations in downtown Cleveland due to the effects of the 9/11 attacks that brought the U.S. economy and employment hiring to a halt. Nevertheless, the firm was a giant leap of faith that sharpened his ability to procure corporate contracts and relationships.

One Cleveland Center,

business site of ACG

White Insurance Agency, Inc.

In 2003, White started his first insurance agency as an exclusive agency owner with the Allstate Insurance Company. The agency was a family-owned enterprise in Richmond Heights, Ohio and quickly became a top producing agency.

Canton South License Agency, LLC

In 2005, White submitted several bids to the State of Ohio to acquire and operate a license bureau. Although his first bids were superseded, he was eventually awarded a 3-year contract and became a Deputy Registrar as a Certified Minority Business Enterprise. The agency issued driver's licenses and vehicle registrations while generating annual revenues of $2.3 million and employing a staff of 12.

Canton South License Agency

OneChurch Tampa

Upon moving to Florida in 2007, White filed corporate registration documents to incorporate OneChurch. The church was also approved as a 501(c)3 by the IRS that same year. He wrote a detailed 'church plan' and, in 2012, he and Ericka White launched OneChurch in Tampa with 5 other members on the campus of Hillsborough Community College.  They have continued to lay the foundation through sound preaching and teaching of the word of God.


MaineCorp brings together all of White's for-profit ventures and, although it was officially launched in 2013, it has been his long-awaited business plan. The MaineCorp portfolio contains businesses in insurance and multi-media marketing with plans to expand into real estate and capital management. The objective of the firm is to develop firms that generate revenue streams from residuals, renewals and royalties.


Personal Life

White met Ericka Booker while in the 9th grade in high school and the two had their first child in the 12th grade. They eventually married in 1992 and welcomed their 2nd child in 2003. They have settled in Tampa, Florida where they continue to build their legacy as pastors, entrepreneurs and change agents.





















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Panama, Panama


Master of Arts, (2017)

Liberty University


Bachelor of Arts

Florida International University


Associates of Arts

Florida State College



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Insurance Broker




Licensed General Lines Agent

Licensed Life & Health Agent

Licensed All Lines Adjuster

Licensed Real Estate Agent

Licensed FINRA Investment Rep




Ericka White (m. 1992)